With decades of experience, the Fritz Duda Company has an extensive history developing high-quality projects in various sectors of the industry, including retail, industrial, office, residential, and mixed use.  Through collaborations with communities, municipalities, and end-users, the Company provides developments where all stakeholders are proud to be a part.  Based on the philosophy of developing for the long-term success of the asset, significant emphasis is placed on the initial design and market stability.

ASSET/Property Management

Through a varied and diverse portfolio, the Fritz Duda Company has developed stringent principles in order to enhance the value of the assets managed.  By employing diligent and proven policies and procedures, expenses are minimized and returns are maximized.  The Company's seasoned management staff provide services that include oversight of the leasing, marketing, financial reporting, operations, and maintenance of each asset.


As a highly valued and well-trusted advisor and partner, Fritz Duda has created substantial value and opportunity for many investment entities - ranging from private individuals through sophisticated institutional organizations.  By leveraging relationships with retailers, brokers, lenders, and municipalities, value creation is achieved through an extensive market presence and expertise.  In the role of trusted partner and advisor, fiduciary responsibilities are always the top priority through transparency and communication.